ally + logan



ally and logan’s downtown nashville wedding was a dream! i’ve known ally for a few years and she’s always been such a joy to be around. i think everyone who knows ally knows that light-up-a-room smile that makes her whole being shine. i hadn’t met logan until their first look and right then i saw it, and the rest of the day and night, i saw it — that big, shining, content smile. it’s the best! she’s truly, truly happy. there is nothing better than photographing a love story for two people who just fall into one another so comfortably. they are home in each other’s arms and eyes and their chemistry is effortless, real, and constant. logan is a true gentleman and i loved seeing the way he cared for ally. you two are just the sweetest. it was such a perfect day and i was so honored to be there to capture some of these wonderful memories. cheers to forever! xo

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the cutest little cake smash i ever did see



my sweet little baby friend wyatt turns ONE in a few days, so we did a little cake smash to celebrate! …and celebrate he did! it was adorable to see him get excited over and over again for this yummy little cake. he danced, licked his fingers, even face planted and then smiled about it. it was flipping adorable. here a few of my favorite moments! happy 365 days around the sun, little pal! it’s been a pretty incredible journey, so far. can’t wait to see you grow up!
















lauren + allan

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i can not wait for lauren + allen’s spring wedding! we had so much fun walking around georgetown on a beautiful fall day — chatting, laughing, and getting pumped for their april wedding. lauren + allen got engaged in georgetown and we spent some time in the same spot where allen asked the big question, ate the same cupcakes they snacked on before they got engaged, and it was so sweet hearing their engagement story and really seeing all the special parts of it. the way these two look at each other, look up to each other, adore each other… i can’t wait to see them become husband and wife. they are just perfect for one another! it’s going to be an amazing day! xo