Hello & welcome! My name is Ali, and I'm a lifestyle & wedding photographer in the DC metro area. I am happiest holding hands with my husband, adventuring and snuggling with my two kids, and being behind my camera witnessing the beauty of people who truly love one another. I am passionate about telling the stories of the unique way that love expresses in the bonds of family. From love's beginning, through marriage, and bringing new life into this big, beautiful world -- I am honored to tell your love story. Take a peek around, and feel free to reach out to me! Thank you for stopping by!


laura + aaron



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it was such an incredible honor to be present to this special day. laura and aaron are two of the sweetest, most genuine people i’ve ever had the pleasure to know and watching them become one and join families was amazing to say the least. their love is effortless — comfortable, joyful, authentic.

i fell in love with their families instantly and adored watching the happiness that everyone felt for laura and aaron. there are no words that could do the day justice so i just kept taking lots and lots and lots of photos hoping to soak it all in for them. what a treasure it was! thank you so much for having me and the very best wishes to both of you! xo

seven on sunday // vol. 4..



vaughn started thinking really hard about walking this week, my first baby lost her first tooth, both kids caught a nasty cold that we’re still trying to get through, i shot my first wedding of 2014 which was incredible to say the least, and we embraced the beginning of spring weather and budding trees and golden sunshine. i’m going back outside now. :)

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also that was 8. again, no rules just fun. xo

lillian + ricky


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seven on sunday // vol. 3..



my baby turned one this week and i’m not entirely sure how that happened considering i’m pretty sure i just brought him home yesterday. time moves in warp speed and with everything that happens in the first year, it’s just… not really fair. i’m happy and sad about it, but mostly lucky that he’s still so incredibly snuggly and bald so i can just keep pretending he’s two weeks old.

moving on… spring, what’s your deal? i am 100% done with cold and wind and ready for more green. trees are fiiiiiiinally budding and i’m just looking forward to a refreshing new season. portrait season is starting again (blogging a ridiculously adorable engagement session tomorrow!) and my first wedding is next weekend. i’m really excited to be back behind my camera more and spending some time with my amazing clients. feeling so grateful in that department.

so the whole no phone thing is still happening. that was cool and stuff until vaughn decided to dive off the couch face first into our brick hearth the day after his birthday. and then i had a full on panic attack and all i had was skype. thank god my mom was on there and my uncle (who happens to be the best doctor in the world) got on and eased all of our worries. i’m pretty sure my nerves are still regulating themselves from that experience. zoe spent part of her first birthday in the ER so first birthdays and crises are apparently a thing here. not that cool. either way, he’s healing like wolverine and doesn’t seem to care one bit about the giant swollen bruise in the middle of his forehead. i am still beating myself up about how i could have done something different, and also mentally preparing myself for the wild life that is boys. and how i’m probably in for many more years of injuries that i can’t prevent. deep breaths.

hope you all had an awesome week! here’s some happy from ours. xo








happy first birthday, my ..




sweet baby vaughn,

it’s unbelievable that it’s been 365 days since i first held you in my arms. since i first saw your chubby little face and obsessed over every millimeter of your body. 365 days since i nursed you for the very first time, since you opened your eyes in the evening sunlight and looked into ours, since you changed our world in an instant. 365 days since zoe made the transition from ‘only child’ to the best big sister we could ever possibly imagine. 365 days since our life as a family of four began. oh, we treasure you more than words can say.

it’s been an honor and a joy watching your first sounds, smiles, coos, laughs, words, waves, and dance moves. you’ve spoiled us rotten sleeping like a champ since day one and being the snuggliest boo i could have ever hoped for. i’ve truly soaked in each moment i’ve had with you over the past year — knowing on a deeper level how incredibly fast this sacred time goes. i felt like i could almost watch you grow right in front of my eyes.

to feel the love continue to expand in our home and our hearts has been such an incredible joy. to witness the bond between you and your sister evolve as she snuggled you to sleep, learned to change your diaper (the novelty of that wore off quickly), hold you all by herself, bounce you, feed you, and love you so fiercely… i never see either of you happier than when you’re with one another and it’s our very favorite thing on earth to watch.

the way your communication has evolved over this past year has been so special. from your first long gazes to little smirks that evolved into big smiles that took over your whole face and then belly laughter — you radiate happiness and a have a sweet peace about your spirit that charms anyone who is around you. you’re already chatting it up with us! you can say mama, dada, sissy (dee dee), hot, ball, bye bye, and you make kissy noises for days anytime i say “kiss?” and try to kiss you which is one million times a day. it’s also my fault you’re bald, i think i may have kissed all the hair off of your head. maybe next year you’ll get hair but for now i love your sweet bald head, it makes me feel like you’re still itty bitty.

i love the wonder with which you soak up the world around you and how the first thing you want to do in the morning when we come downstairs is dance. you point at the record player or the speakers and do this arm motion that signifies “put the music on and dance with me, stat” and it’s pretty much the best morning ritual ever. you love to play outside, try to eat dirt, dig in the plants, take bubble baths, throw the ball, swing, climb the stairs repeatedly, and jump on the bed with your sister. i love watching you learn through exploring and once you’re worn out, snuggling and singing you to sleep is among my most treasured moments.

we love you endlessly bud, and couldn’t for one moment imagine our lives without you in it. you hold such a special place in our family and we can’t wait to see all the incredible memories we get to create with you over the years to come.

all my love,


seven on sunday // vol. 2..



it was ironic that this week’s theme was light because it was a pretty dreary week! on different days, it poured snow, rain, sleet, and hail. it was warm and then unseasonably cold hours later. we did have an incredible pink sunset one night, though, and i personally enjoyed the last white blanket of snow before spring. i feel this way: if it’s cold, it may as well be snowing. i like the peace and stillness that snow storms bring.

i noticed something (well, a lot of things) this week — i can’t decide if i’m a fan of themes. it really feels limiting to me. since gratitude and light were the first two weeks — it felt good looking for those things but what this project really is about for me, is gratitude. i don’t want to lose sight of that. so when i get to download my photos on sunday and take a little time to pour over moments passed, i want that to be what i’m seeking. i always want it to be what i’m seeking. so there were lots of moments that “light” was the intention of the photo, and a bunch of them i ended up not sharing because they didn’t speak to me in the same way that the others did.

so while i will personally challenge myself in ways as i feel inspired, i always want this project to come from an inspired place, not a place of obligation. can you tell limits are not my forte? anyhow, moving on…

i’m still phone-less and loving it. i think i’ll write more on that soon because i have no less than one million thoughts about it. and simultaneously a new found stillness in my mind that i don’t plan on giving up. i will (reluctantly) be reachable by phone at some point soon, but i think it’s goodbye forever to the way i was in relationship to social media, text messaging, and all other impersonal forms of communication. (the irony is not lost on me that i’m about to blog this and share it on facebook) but there is a greater point to this project, as well as the community of people who have joined along with me in looking for things to be grateful for and inspired by in our daily lives.

my word for 2014 is intentional and i’m really enjoying all of the ways that’s manifesting in my life. eliminating distraction and really taking time to notice and be present to love around me has been awe inspiring to say the least. here are seven moments from my week that radiated light, to me. and my captions are still about gratitude.

10//dance parties after dinner and how vaughn is happiest right where she is

11//my little brother, who is so dear to me — i had the honor of witnessing his sweet entrance into the world in a birth tub in my dad’s living room when i was ten, and then what seemed like a week later, he was a man blowing out eighteen candles at my dinner table

17//anticipation for his dad’s nightly arrival

16//the love they share that fills my heart to the very brim and the constant wild state of her hair

19//tea parties, imagination, warm chocolate chip cookies, and special time with my first baby

21//the wisdom to look back from where we came, face our fears, and still keep climbing

20//the light in her eyes after climbing to the very top three times, discovering a new passion, and the confidence that comes from overcoming obstacles


so thrilled to be joined by so many other talented and passionate women in this project. nurturing deeper connections in friendships is really powerful to me and i can only hope to reciprocate the love i feel from all of you. xo